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Memory Loss- the major source 01 29 2011

Memory Loss- the major source 01 29 2011

In this morning’s Investor’s Business Daily dated 01/31/2011 there was a short paragraph in the Trends and Innovations section titled, “Hormone found to boost memory”

“An Insulin growth factor that naturally occurs in the body significantly boosted the memory retention in rats, according to researchers at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine in New York who say it has the potential as a new treatment. The growth factor helps repair brain tissue but declines with age. In tests, it strengthened the cellular connections and mechanisms for long term memory. The researchers injected the hormone directly into the rat’s brains and found that the memory enhancements lasted at lead a few weeks.”

What does this imply? Insulin is produced by your pancreas. So therefore anything that damages the pancreas over time can also be said to decrease your memory. What do we know for a fact that harms the pancreas, alcohol, sugar, drugs, etc? So if you want to preserve your memory in life consider eliminating these altogether from your diet. It is also believed that Chromium nourishes the pancreas and there is another herb that is said to help it also.

If you have diabetes you most likely have compromised your pancreas in some manner, so you can also expect that you will also face memory loss.

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