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Relief From Night Time Allergies 09 12 2010

Relief From Night Time Allergies 09 12 2010
And relief from increased stomach acid in the morning
Do you have a stuffy nose and night?  Are you not able to breath as well as night and therefore sleep as well at night because of this.
I have found the solution.  I first encountered this technology Ozone when I went to my natural dentist, Dr. Ingo Mahn.  I had a badly infected jaw from a crown that had a cup or gap upward around its lower edge.  As part of the replacement with a precision fit crown made on site by computer tomography, he injected Ozone into the nerve.  The treatments cured the infection and I felt better than I had in a long time in my life.  Ozone is O3 or a form of Oxygen and it kills all germs on contact but, but by being Oxygen it does not harm human beings, Oxygen is what we breath after all.

I bought a simple device from it creates oxygenated water.  The instructions say, Dr. Hulda Clark recommends drinking six to eight ounces a day.  That is a cup or less. 
I drank some at night because I often wake up in the morning with increased stomach acid and intestinal pains, I thought if I drank some of this germ killing water that the stomach illness would go away, and it has.
But there was another positive side effect that I was not expecting, all through the night I was able to breathe much better.  My sinuses were indeed clear.  I did not even know before that they were as bad as they were, but drinking the ozonated water cured both problems.
For the record I tried to make soda pop by oxygenating different flavors of syrupy water with by infusing the water with carbon dioxide like they do in restaurants and this did not work out well, the tank may have been contaminated or the dose incorrect because I woke up with chest pains in the night.  But with drinking this ozonated water I did not have that issue.
Ozone is said to be one of the strongest cleaners available, can we even consider it Gods shield around our planet to keep it germ free, and what are we doing to Gods shield, we are destroying it.  Can we consider it Gods way to clean water at the base of a waterfall as it is created there too?  The pool at the base of the waterfall often being considered a terminus or safe place to drink water.  These are both part of God’s natural design on how to cleanse his world.
It takes five to seven minutes to Ozonate a six to eight ounce glass of water.  You put the end of the tube in your glass of water and set the timer that works like an oven timer and wait until it is finished  bubbling in six or seven minutes.  Unplug the machine if you want and drink the water.  It is one of the easiest of modern machines to use.
I do not need to lecture you on how filthy some of the kitchens and help are in restaurants today.  I’ll just say those germs make you sick in untold ways and leave it at that.
Doing this might even cure your long term illnesses and save your life.
I have included a link to a product like the one I have that Ozonates Water for your benefit, this is not the same as mine, so it may work a little differently.

God Bless Those Who Buy One of These Through My Link

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