Sunday, August 15, 2010

Relief From Kidney Stones 08 15 2010

I have found relief from kidney stones by grinding up a magnesium citrate pill or two (Would total 400miligrams) and adding it to the quart mug of water that I drink from.  Add a little water and it mixes and forms a better solution and therefore has better ability to dissolve.

It seems to help relax me as well as provide relief from the sticking and binding pain of a kidney stone when reaching down for something.

I am doing this to all the water I drink in a day and at night in an effort to dissolve any stones.

And yes I have passed them before and almost blacked out from the pain of passing one.  I then brought the stones to a doctor for analysis and found out they were calcium oxylate.

This remedey seems to be working for me.  There is less pain and I am able to get more work done.  It doesn't taste bad either.  In effect what has been created is mineral water!

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 Thomas Paul Murphy

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Always consult your doctor about alternative treatments and research them thoroughly yourself.  When researching alternative treatments you should be concerned about toxicity levels and unique risks involved in the treatments that may be more applicable to you.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Nature of a Virus is Influence 03 09 2010


The nature of a virus is influence.

What is a virus we ask ourselves? We know viruses make us sick and that some can kill us. Are their some viruses that can make us well? Today we have developed the ability to link medicines to viruses to help the medicines become more effective as they reach targeted areas of sickness better. So we can truly say that in some form there are viruses that make us better.

They say a virus is a small strand of DNA. What is DNA, DNA are the building blocks of our genetic makeup. Our DNA goes a bit further than influencing who we are it determines who we are in terms of physical characteristics of being when we are born. As we grow and learn throughout life, does not learning happen through the process of influence? So learning and the environment determines who we are too. Viruses or DNA not of our own seek to change and make us different too. Therefore a virus being DNA can be said to be influence. And some do indeed make us sick and die. Viruses’ being strands of DNA that are able to infiltrate and fool our bodies at the smallest level with the result being sickness. Because they are able to fool our bodies so easily can it be said that they are the greatest liars? Where did they masqueraders that are so similar to us fit in so well with our bodies own building blocks come from? Is it safe to say other forms of life, (people, animals, etc.) that our not our individual selves? Some if not most make us sick and die.

Be careful what you allow to influence yourself. What is the best way to avoid influence? To assert your rights by speaking your mind?

Unlawful orders do not benefit you to follow. They are the underlying nature of tyranny in our society. Let us prosper free from tyranny and its viral influence.

Can the insult from a sick mouth be said to be viral? It most certainly can.

Be yourself free from viral influence and as the army say’s you will, “Be all that you can be.”

Cleanliness is the way to avoid the spread of viruses. How many times have you heard someone say, “I don’t want your germs?” Make a pact with yourself to be clean and you will have a clean mind. Expect no less of others.

Know what are positive influences or teachings versus negative influence that are destructive to your work and viral in nature.

By definition the viral only seek replication and survival of themselves. And in and of themselves have no meaningful substance or good to them.

Once again DNA determines what we are. Accept that yours is pure and seek to keep it that way. Accept the potential of your own clean DNA, no matter what race or color you are and you will realize your potential of “All men are created equal, one nation, under god.” This is not meant as statement to be pure to your race. I believe you should marry who you love and respect everyone. I indeed find much beauty, both physical and spiritual, in people of all races. It means stay free from germs and negative influences directed at you in your life no matter who you are. Should you be made to feel you should respect a person that upon reflection was a negative influence to you? Do not negative influences come to fruition make your life worse and therefore less, just like a virus?

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Thomas Paul Murphy
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