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Best Hemorrhoid Treatment 01 29 2011

Best Hemorrhoid Treatment 01 29 2011

Use one of those Preparation H type of little white suppositories and roll it in the antifungal powder from one Capryl pill. It will help you TREMENDOUSLY!

Background to treatment, when I was in the sixth grade we did a science test to see how fast mold would grow on bread. I put a fellow student; we’ll call him Beasil, up to it. I said when the teacher isn’t looking sit on that piece of bread. Beasil did and the mold grew on that slice of bread faster than any other. It grew two days before the bread exposed to other site thought to contain mold and sampled did.

Hemorrhoids can be a major source of inflammation that is at the very least a compromise to your well being that you might not even be aware that you have. Our modern diet is highly conducive to intestinal and colon inflammation, not to mention the filthy chairs that we sit on. I got my hemorrhoids when I was a boy from sitting on a filthy boat cushion that is indeed why I put Beasil up to the mold test.

Yes leaders of modern science you can catch “evil spirits” from germs that opportunistically populate this orifice, and I am not referring to sex there. We already know that can kill you.

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