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The Milwaukee and Wisconsin News: How I lessened the effects of Overheating.

The Milwaukee and Wisconsin News: How I lessened the effects of Overheating.: "How I lessened the effects of Overheating. If you are like me you tan but if out in the sun too long you will also burn. When I am out in ..."

How I lessened the effects of Overheating.

How I lessened the effects of Overheating.

If you are like me you tan but if out in the sun too long you will also burn. When I am out in the sun too long and it beats down on my head I also get mild symptoms of heat stroke.

Yesterday I was out in the sun for over five hours in over 90 degree heat.

Here is what I have found out helps, in addition to rehydration.

1. I wear a hat made out of white woven string, while kayaking I used it to sponge water over my head.

2. It is helpful to use a sunscreen for your hair but do not use the ones that are of thin viscosity and are alcohol based because they will make the condition much worse. The alcohol has a dehydrating effect- even when used on the skin. Use the types that are more cream based.

3. Drink plenty of fluids during the day and after the activity.

4. Take a shower and turn the water gradually to cool.

5. If you feel that your skin is hot it means that you have a mild sunburn. Use a lotion to hydrate the skin, I used an inexpensive Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula I bought at a discount store (Wal*Mart?). Apply this to your skin and it will hydrate your skin and allow your skin to breath better and this will help to cool you down. The liquid on the skin also mimic’s the radiator type cooling effect of a layer of sweat.

6. Turn on a small quiet fan located above your bed and this will help cool you during the night.

7. Have some cold packs always ready in your freezer. Mine are about 7”x 4”x 1.5”. If you hold these to your skin where your veins are located they will cool your blood as it pumps through you.

8. If you are still hot when you go to bed, put the cold pack in the cavity behind your knee joint and it will cool you. When you have cooled sufficiently just extend your leg forward and you will no longer be cooled.

9. If your houses furnace and heating and cooling system can handle it buy a thermostat that has a circulating function. This is a function that runs only the blower fan of your furnace and not the compressor of your air conditioner. This helps circulate the air and keeps the house fresh during the hot nights when tends to pool like the water of a stagnant dirty pond. Mine thermostat is a Honeywell Vision Pro 8000, model TH8110U1003. These also save electricity as they circulate the air and cool your home without running your air conditioner. By all means turn on your AC if you are warm. But some of us have those who wake up sneezing when we turn it too cold.

10. If you are a man cut the hair on your head to 1/8” on the sides and back using an electric clippers before you go out in the heat.

11. If you find you are overheated when you get home use that same 1/8” clippers to Safely shave all of your body hair off except your head. You will be surprised by how much arm and leg hair insulate you. When you close clip this hair you will be able to keep much cooler in the summer.

12. If you can get to a sink run cold water over your wrists and this will help cool you down too.

13. Wear white SPF factor clothes.

14. Do not wear hot shoes.

15. I have found that eating also helps alleviate the symptoms of mild heat stroke.

16. Watch what kind of chemicals you put on your hair, avoid using those that are alcohol based or hydrogen peroxide based as these will cause metabolites to form that make heat stroke worse. But I find that it is a good idea to keep your hair hydrated during the summer too and use discount products like Carrot Cream and Olive Type creams available in the hair dressing isle at Walgreens.

17. If you can find a fountain or clean pool of water to get into, do so. And at least dip your head in.

18. Have a t-shirt handy that has vertical two inch slits cut in it and drench it is water and put it back on until it dries, do this repeatedly during the day. It combines the cooling affects of air and water to keep you cool, when you are out in the heat.

19. And call 911 if you have to for Christ sakes, becuase it can kill you. 911.

Stay cool, and do not let the heat keep you from enjoying summer activities.

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Best Hemorrhoid Treatment 01 29 2011

Best Hemorrhoid Treatment 01 29 2011

Use one of those Preparation H type of little white suppositories and roll it in the antifungal powder from one Capryl pill. It will help you TREMENDOUSLY!

Background to treatment, when I was in the sixth grade we did a science test to see how fast mold would grow on bread. I put a fellow student; we’ll call him Beasil, up to it. I said when the teacher isn’t looking sit on that piece of bread. Beasil did and the mold grew on that slice of bread faster than any other. It grew two days before the bread exposed to other site thought to contain mold and sampled did.

Hemorrhoids can be a major source of inflammation that is at the very least a compromise to your well being that you might not even be aware that you have. Our modern diet is highly conducive to intestinal and colon inflammation, not to mention the filthy chairs that we sit on. I got my hemorrhoids when I was a boy from sitting on a filthy boat cushion that is indeed why I put Beasil up to the mold test.

Yes leaders of modern science you can catch “evil spirits” from germs that opportunistically populate this orifice, and I am not referring to sex there. We already know that can kill you.

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Memory Loss- the major source 01 29 2011

Memory Loss- the major source 01 29 2011

In this morning’s Investor’s Business Daily dated 01/31/2011 there was a short paragraph in the Trends and Innovations section titled, “Hormone found to boost memory”

“An Insulin growth factor that naturally occurs in the body significantly boosted the memory retention in rats, according to researchers at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine in New York who say it has the potential as a new treatment. The growth factor helps repair brain tissue but declines with age. In tests, it strengthened the cellular connections and mechanisms for long term memory. The researchers injected the hormone directly into the rat’s brains and found that the memory enhancements lasted at lead a few weeks.”

What does this imply? Insulin is produced by your pancreas. So therefore anything that damages the pancreas over time can also be said to decrease your memory. What do we know for a fact that harms the pancreas, alcohol, sugar, drugs, etc? So if you want to preserve your memory in life consider eliminating these altogether from your diet. It is also believed that Chromium nourishes the pancreas and there is another herb that is said to help it also.

If you have diabetes you most likely have compromised your pancreas in some manner, so you can also expect that you will also face memory loss.

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