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Your Liver and Energy 07 10 2010

Your Liver and Energy 07 10 2010

A liver has to produce concentrated bile to digest fatty foods. That is work harder, like a muscle that gets that gets inflammation from working harder, so can the liver. Any word that ends in itis is an inflammation. Inflamed or weakened cells and organs are more vulnerable to viruses and sickness.

Fat eaten and not metabolized is more likely to form body fat. It has the basic building blocks for itself doesn’t it? It is best to balance fat intake or compensate for it with more exercise afterwards. When you eat fatty foods or foods high in sugar or with a high relative portion of sugar get in the guilt formed habit of feeling that you must burn it up in your metabolism through exercise. Also feel this way for refined white flour. Sometimes you can also eat a little fat after exercise to replenish your body’s energy, that is, if you didn’t eat fatty foods before also.

Along with this discipline of eating and exercising activity, incorporating all muscle from head to toe is the best method for burning fat. This is because increased circulation is achieved by these types of exercises. Martial arts classes are very good at toning the circulation system of the whole body. Swimming is another. Some of the machines at the gym that work both the arms and legs at the same time also help achieve this.

Increased circulation allows energy to be transferred to all areas more efficiently. With increased circulation you can indeed lose weight as you sleep. In order to maintain weight loss you also need to stay active and maintain increased circulation. Exercises that increase circulation to the abdominals in conjunction with the upper and lower body, allow increased circulation through the liver. As muscles are exercised circulation is increased to the areas near them. Tense abdominal muscles help digestion in the same way that toned muscles increase take back circulation though the veins. Strong abdominal muscles facilitate faster digestion, as digestion is a process of churning and flowing through a track (colon) facilitated by gravity and more so by inward pressure of a tight abdomen.

I once had a friend eschew me, and say to me snottily, “You know that exercise mat you said I should buy to do crunches, I never use it.” Tell someone to buy something that could save their life, add years to it and make them healthier and this is the thanks you get. Incidentally he has a variety of nasty diseases that he feels will never go away, including a distended belly, a mouth fungus and arthritis.

How many people do you know of that retire and then have to have their gallbladder removed? It is my belief that gallstones are the body’s way of defending its liver against flukes by coating them with gall which is said to be more readily formable in the presence of sugar and fat. As every snow flake forms and crystallizes uniquely around a particle of dust, what do gallstones form around? Or in alternative theory, what is using gall to cocoon itself. Passing a gallstone is like a round ball of glass is traveling through your gallbladder, you are temporarily paralyzed in pain as you try not to jostle around the gallbladder as they are passing. And once they are passed you feel like a reborn person. But gallstones are the subject of another essay. Going through a liver flushing program that utilizes apples, lemon juice and olive oil can be very beneficial but is also very dangerous. I did it and felt like a reborn person afterwards. But I will not recommend it to you, because you are likely to lose a night’s sleep from this as your body is put into high metabolism gear, and you have to resist puking the juice up and passing gallstones is very painful. If you did this you might end up throwing up god damned blood. I had gallstones so bad once that I did throw up blood and then sought for an alternative treatment for them, hence the flush. You can read about these flushes elsewhere. And by all means if you have gallstones, liver trouble or a family history of these, never drink alcohol again.

Here is a link to supplements that make for a healthy liver.

God Bless Those Who Think For Themselves

Thomas Paul Murphy

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