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Histeria and Iron 07 10 2010

Histeria and Iron 07 10 2010

I have the strong belief that a woman has what is analogous to post partum depression after she has a menses. I believe that a portion of a woman’s “Energy Body” separates from herself when an egg is formed in her ovaries. There has to be this, life presence, in order for the egg to be alive and offer the potential for a whole new person. I believe this with every fiber of my being.

I also believe this to be true for men, as it terms of replenishment of the building blocks of their own respective body chemistry of reproduction.

The best thing a women can do to relieve her syndrome in my opinion is to take supplements that promote the formation of eggs and support reproduction and reproductive organs. In a woman’s case iron is lost through menses. I know for a fact that women benefit greatly by taking iron during or immediately after a menses, as blood is lost and iron is now required to form new blood. This is the worst time to tell them anything also. So it is best to make yourself some fried calves liver and act like it is good, and then see if they might want some. Now what else is a good supplement for women during a menses, I have no idea. But for men, the building blocks for fertility are Iron, Zinc, Magnesium and Selenium. Calcium, such as CCA, might be helpful too as strong bones are required to form new blood cells. Sometimes a natural anti-inflammatory may be considered helpful, like Black Currant Oil Pills or Fish Oil. There is only one fish oil that I use and that is Twinlab Mega Twin EPA.

Eggs, or I guess the proper term, Ovum are said to lodge on the ovaries prior to menstruation, and the separation of the life energy body must cause some type of inflammation. As a man I feel this thirty day countdown problem would be a terrible thing to be afflicted with. If I were a woman I would try to prepare for it nutritionally in advance.

I have provided a link to what I feel are good supplements regarding this.

God Bless Women

Thomas Paul Murphy

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