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The Liver 07 10 2010

The Liver 07 10 2010

The liver is the organ of the body that processes chemicals and helps rid the body of them.

Often people that are very fat have a liver that does not function properly. Many harmful chemicals are stored in the liver. Many viruses only attack the liver. I know what hepatitis smells like; it smells like someone is full of stinky fermented fish.

Chemicals like mercury and lead are eventually stored in the bones and as weight is lost through exercise and better nutrition they are flushed out of the bones and processed by the liver. This is why it is hard for people to lose weight and get healthy; there is a re-influx of these chemicals that were stored, into the circulatory metabolism. This influx causes weakness via toxicity to metabolic cells.

Some supplements are very helpful to chemical overload

Metal Chelating products

Milk Thistle



Reduced Glutathione


Activated Charcoal


Some of these supplements bond to chemicals and some help to strengthen a liver.

Use the Heavy Metal Cleanse after eating fish. Mercury is high in all fish. If want to know what death smells like smell the dark part of a fish just below the skin, you would never want your own liver to smell like this, so do not eat it.

Cysts often form around chemicals or parasites. It is part of the attack mechanism of the immune system.

When working out if you take a calcium pill such as CCA or Spectramin Chelate beforehand you will feel it being absorbed into your teeth and make them more strong and clean feeling or less porous with stronger enamel to your tongue. Taking these before a workout is a good idea as that is when your circulation and therefore delivery of them will be the greatest.

Chemicals are not just in our air and water. They are in our foods. My High School chemistry teacher loved to drink diet colas during class, her nickname incidentally was Bubbles. I remember one student asking her. “Why do they put all those ingredients in soda?” Loudly she tersely replied, “Because their good for you.” She died of a heart attack not long after we graduated.

God Bless Those Who Think For Themselves

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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