Wednesday, October 20, 2010

McDonald that is an Irish name?

McDonald that is an Irish name?

The founder of a restaurant would be turning over in his grave if he knew what it did to Irishmen who are more prone to Celiac Disease today.

As an Irishman I have found this to be the sickest food that I have ever eaten. It should come as no surprise to them because I have written them an article telling them so.

If you want to change America a good place to start would be its popular culture diet. This should be more healthy. And it should all be Irishman approved, by me.

The meat in these hamburgers often turns my stomach. It is either the quality of the meat itself, how the hamburger meat was processed or the additives in it or it was cooked on hot plates that are not cleaned to be absent of germs, cleaning chemicals or other.

And once again I will tell you that mayonnaise is easily prone to breeding bacteria and has no place in our food.

Your onions taste nothing like onions, they taste like chives not onions.

Your ketchup and mustard are commodity items; Irishmen can taste and feel the difference when they compare it to organic. You slather that ketchup and mustard on there and no one could ever taste the meat underneath. My Irish father always complained about your food when I was young, but I always wanted to go there. Today I have become like my Irish father concerning your food and I am not afraid to articulate my concerns regarding it from the highest mountain.

The lightly toasted marshmallow bread often makes me lethargic, tired and then flue stricken. These buns are awful. I will not eat there.

For a while the chicken nuggets were safe but then these greasy germed delights gave me an ulcer. The sugar laden sodas on your menu do nothing for the health of the Irish American and lend to worsened ulcers, diabetes, heart disease, etc. Why the heck after so many years in business can you not find a healthier alternative to spew out of those tappers? You want to help Irishmen across the nation or world you ought to serve a nonalcoholic stout or a carbonated chicory type coffee drink.

Wake up Ronald and quit turning Irish Americans on your spit.

McDonalds I implore you to change for good for the betterment of surviving Irishmen all across this country. Your food needs to be cooked in a more home-style fashion with less preservatives.

In this day and age all your meat should be cooked to well done. Every single one of your hamburger buns needs to be toasted to a consistency throughout. Your salads have an odd crispness probably from some type of preservative. The grains in your wraps are awful and these wrapping would also need to be toasted thoroughly if you want to maintain your image. You are putting forth a bad image of the Irish name in every way at your restaurants. Your food is not healthy for Irishmen in any way. I cannot find anything on your menu that I can safely eat.

Your shakes and malts are also no good for the Irish prone to Celiac disease.

Your whole business makes me wonder if you are a plan by Satan to sicken and steal the souls of Irish Americans.

I have been made sick by your food so many times that I find the sight of your Golden Arches an eye sore. Your food contributes ever so subtly to the degradation and health of all Irish Americans.

You can take any action against me that you want, but I speak a very important truth concerning all Irish Americans. Your food exists to profit to the detriment of the health and well-being of all Irish Americans. All your food and processes should be approved by Irish Americans with Celiac disease otherwise you are a sickening disgrace to Irish Americans, Ireland and the United States of America.

I have given you plenty of time to clean up your act since I wrote to you with my concerns to no avail and must therefore now make them public.

It would be nice if those golden arches meant something positive and healthy to Irish Americans, I know they do not.

God Bless Ireland

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Slave Traders Feed Sugar

Slave Traders Feed Sugar 07 07 2010

When they brought slaves to this country did they stop in Jamaica first to give them a good dose of sugar?

Did the sugar make them more docile and controllable? Can one person transfer their germs to another more easily or can one person be sickened more easily if they are full of sugar? Yes. Sugar is the perfect breeding ground for germs. Germs and bacteria thrive in the presence of sugar. Often a mother will pass on the same digestive bacteria from herself to her children. If someone breaths germy breathe in your face are you likely to propagate the same germs in yourself. If you ever caught a cold or sore throat from someone sneezing in your face, breathing in your face, or using the same telephone that someone with a cold used you know this is true.

Is that person then “INSTILLING” their personality as a means of control, through the spread of their germs unto another? For example, by way of explanation, it is often said what we are is greatly influenced by what we eat. And that what we are is also heavily influenced by what is present in our digestive tracks or the bacteria and germs greatly unique to us that help us break down food. The bacteria and germs in our digestive track do regulate mood and behavior in us and make us unique. Indeed in the melting pot of the United States of America we are not all able to eat the same foods safely. People from Ireland are said to be prone to Celiac disease because they do not have the gene that helps regulate the digestion of wheat. Is it fair to say that white flour is not the best thing for them as sugar is also not the best thing for us? By the way, it is always better to toast your food and kill off some of the yeast before eating it, not only do toasted buns tastes better they also make you feel better after you have eaten them. Genes are indeed said to be changed, adapted and influenced in people throughout various times in their lives, sometimes leading to sickness. Some genetic changes do not lead to sickness. If you do not believe, germs in your digestive track influence who you are in terms of personality, character, integrity, health , vigor and intelligence try using some products that clean your digestive track out and see how much better you feel about yourself. In ancient times this way the purpose and intent of fasting. There are simple over the counter treatments that are often effective, safe and very inexpensive. Are people more easily controlled if their food is full of sugar? Yes, because sugar makes them weaker.

Are your grocery stores filled with slave trader feed foods laced with sugar? In society we do not have to force people to eat the stuff anymore. They just seek to on their own.

Everyone knows that people from foreign countries often get sick eating food they haven’t had before that does not make locals sick. But we have only recently in our history learned why.

Is this a main benefit to our slave traders today at the expense of the health of our population? Is this indeed a great cost to our health care system? Are our modern slave traders a detriment to themselves and the rest of us? Do modern alchemist like unleavened bread and not know why? Ain’t this how they asked questions at the end of a Batman and Robin episode? I pose these questions to myself using the Socratic Method of thinking.

I feel very strongly about what I am saying, so strongly that I am not setting up store to sell you something here, even though I have the resources and knowledge to do so. I do not want to negate the knowledge and belief in what I am saying by you thinking I am motivated to profit from it. I am not, I wrote this to inform as is the purpose of all my writing. I am the son of two public school teachers. I will however provide you a link to the types of products I am speaking of, you are responsible for yourself and your health, not a slave ship’s captain long since dead.

God Bless Those Who Think For Themselves

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy
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