Sunday, August 15, 2010

Relief From Kidney Stones 08 15 2010

I have found relief from kidney stones by grinding up a magnesium citrate pill or two (Would total 400miligrams) and adding it to the quart mug of water that I drink from.  Add a little water and it mixes and forms a better solution and therefore has better ability to dissolve.

It seems to help relax me as well as provide relief from the sticking and binding pain of a kidney stone when reaching down for something.

I am doing this to all the water I drink in a day and at night in an effort to dissolve any stones.

And yes I have passed them before and almost blacked out from the pain of passing one.  I then brought the stones to a doctor for analysis and found out they were calcium oxylate.

This remedey seems to be working for me.  There is less pain and I am able to get more work done.  It doesn't taste bad either.  In effect what has been created is mineral water!

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 Thomas Paul Murphy

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Always consult your doctor about alternative treatments and research them thoroughly yourself.  When researching alternative treatments you should be concerned about toxicity levels and unique risks involved in the treatments that may be more applicable to you.

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